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The Latino Market

At Bilingual Insurance and HR solutions, we are out to transform the Multicultural Human Resources and Insurance industry. We want businesses and individuals to feel better about their benefits with the knowledge that their employees and families are more financially secure, with the benefit plans and HR policies and procedures that we help them put in place.

Key Facts

  • Arizona is home to 38% of the Hispanic population according to the Datos report by the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Over 50% of Hispanics in the US are of Mexican descendant.
  • The number of Hispanic-owned businesses in Arizona is approaching 70,000. One third of these businesses are owned by Hispanic women; and one third are owned by immigrants.
  • In Healthcare, Phoenix Hispanics spent nearly 1 billion dollars last year.
  • Hispanics represent the largest share of those who enrolled in Health insurance in 2013 versus the previous year.
  • Of all Hispanics living in Phoenix, 32% enrolled in PPO while 10% in HMO.
You need a consultant who is licensed and understands this demographic, their trends and culture. Otherwise it will be the difference between winning or falling behind.

If you are a Benefits Broker, a General Agency, an HR manager, a Business Owner or even a Carrier and want to succeed as a business, you need a strategy of how to reach and communicate with Hispanics. This isn’t something that any company can afford to put off. We need to engage in the new multicultural reality.


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