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Our Mission

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Our Mission

First and foremost, Gloria Guerra and Bilingual Insurance and HR Solutions is a company that is all about people. We believe that collaborating with extraordinary people is the greatest asset and sustainable advantage for any company.

Beginning with an idea 12 years ago, and publicly launching our company in 2007, It's been a great ride and we have only just begun!

Our mission is simple: To “Transform the Bilingual Healthcare and HR Industry in our community”.


By creating an organization which can facilitate any service a business may need to communicate with their employees or target market.


  • Trust
  • Solutions
  • Commitment

About Gloria Guerra

Gloria Guerra is a well-known and respected bilingual benefits specialist in Arizona and the US. Much of her career has been spent as the bilingual benefits and insurance specialist for different companies.

She has over 20 years as a Spanish brand marketing manager and benefits specialist collaborating with healthcare organizations, benefits brokers, payroll companies, small businesses and individuals. Her passion and dedication is spent highlighting education, finance and health.

With a long list of state and national awards obtained throughout her career, she has displayed great versatility, embracing every role from benefits, consultant, educator and marketing.

Today she is Founder of Gloria Guerra, Bilingual HR Solutions, a company which has already obtained attention for creative solutions for the Healthcare Industry. Gloria currently works with experts in different fields of benefits, human resources, payroll, small businesses, marketing, and individuals where she collaborates with them by choosing the benefits and services that best fit their needs.

Gloria is also known for her involvement in the special needs field, in addition to campaigns and fundraising with Phoenix Non Profit organizations.

Gloria is dedicated to serve and educate the community where she has lived for the past 18 years with her husband Joaquin and her kids Gloria and Joaquin Jr.

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