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Tailored for You, Not One Size Fits All!

Brokers, Insurance Carriers and Payroll Companies

We partner with you to develop an enrollment and education strategy for your clients which include group meetings, communication services, benefit booklets, newsletters, benefits at a glance, enrollment forms and even websites. All you may need, while preserving the context and message you intent. We are your bridge to the Latino community because We do not translate literally, we cultural adapt your material to communicate your message and educate your audience. Additionally we have benefit counselors for face to face enrollments of core and voluntary benefits.

Individual Insurance Off and On the Market Place ACA

We have a special needs and underserved community that do not understand insurance very well or sometimes prefer to have their benefits explained in their native Spanish. By my direct personal experience with this community, my expertise of over a decade and being Spanish my first language, I understand these families, their needs and their culture like very few do. We have certified counselors that educate this community in their own language.

During the Health Care Open Enrollment we assess the needs, verify subsidy eligibility and assist with enrollment on and off the exchange.

If you are a Carrier or Broker, During Open Enrollment for ACA, let us be your bridge to the Latino Community.

Customized Group Benefit Package for Your Business

In building a customized and attractive benefits package that includes: Group Benefits, dental, vision, accident, medical bridge, critical illness, cancer, life, Flexible spending accounts, Child Care Accounts, Executive Benefits, Pet Insurance, 401k, we help you avoid ACA penalties, reduce taxes, decrease workers compensation claims, improve employee morale and retention of your employees. You grow by caring for your bottom line and the people that make your business possible.

Bilingual Education and Enrollment Strategies

Group Benefit meetings, webinar's, wellness fairs, Skype, conference calls, one on one enrollment, co-browsing, online enrollment, self enrollment, call center, whatever you need to educate your employees and their families in the best way possible. Also we customize and culturally adapt to Spanish any English literature that you need.

Help Your Business Grow

We have the tools and skills to help you grow. Competition is strong and the cost of employee turnover is astonishing. We are skilled at assembling the right benefit packages, educating employees on the value of their benefits, providing bilingual education and communication. All in order to help employers attract and retain a talented workforce that exhibits high morale. This helps create the perfect environment for business growth.

Human Resources Strategic Partnerships

Utilizing partnerships with leading licensed professionals skilled at educating employees the right way, we help you and your clients grow. Maintaining a team of experts in the different areas of need for the employer, specially compliance, workers comp and payroll. We also develop HR materials for the Hispanic community.

Marketing & Brand Management for Hispanic Communities

In collaboration with the best production company in the region, we can facilitate writing, production, editing, endorsements, panel moderating, events, television spots, ad creation, media buying, logo design and fundraising videos for your organization.